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Resolve to take stock of your personal finances

Make sorting out your savings, pensions and credit cards one of your resolutions

If you’re suffering a case of the January blues – and your cupboards, wallet and bank account are all bare – it may be an opportune moment to take stock of your  financial health. Yes, it’s easy to moan about water charges, stock markets and property prices, but while there are many factors over which you have no control, there are plenty of financial decisions to improve your financial health that are within your control. It’s up to you.

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January can be a difficult month for some, with dark winter days and Christmas bills piling up, however one positive change, anyone who struggles financially, can make is to get a handle on your finances and start a pension in 2015. According to the CSO, in 2009, only 37% of men and 41% of women in employment had occupational pensions, throughout the recession this figure has remained relatively stagnant with many people ignoring pensions for more pressing financial concerns. At MC Financial, we strongly recommend starting your pension as early as possible, as the expense increases considerably from the age of 35 onwards.

To find out more starting a pension, talk to Rob, our pensions expert today by calling 01 822 8022 or by emailing or check out the MC Financial comprehensive pension page.

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