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Permanent TSB 2% Cash Back 2016

Permanent TSB have issued a 2% Cash back promotional incentive for mortgage holders who qualify under their criteria.
The cash back will be funded into the mortgage holder’s current account, however, they do not need to have it funded into a Permanent TSB account. The 2% Cash Back will replace the original offer of “€1,000 towards your legal fees”. There are no additional fees.

The criteria to qualify for 2% Cash Back:
• This offer is only available to First Time Buyers, Second Time Buyers and Switchers
• It is also available to staff mortgages and mortgages containing staff members

However, the following is the criteria for those who do not qualify:
• Buy-to-Let
• Tracker Portability Customer
• Negative Equity Customer
• Mortgage Top Ups
• Equity Releases
• Loan Purpose “Refinance/Restructure”
• Customers who have drawn down all/part of their mortgage funds before 11th Jan 2016

The 2% Cash Back is available until the 30th June 2016 to all qualified mortgage holders. Payment is issued upon draw down of mortgage within the specified approved term.
For those who have received a Letter of Approval before the 11th Jan 2016, will be notified about the new incentive. The Broker who is assigned to the client will inform their client about the special offer and will have it issued to them on Draw Down.

Further Qualifying Criteria:
“To qualify a customer must receive their full home loan Letter of Approval from Permanent TSB in respect of their principal private residence on or before the 30th June 2016. Once the home loan is funded the customer will receive the 2% Cash Back into their funding current account within 2 weeks (10 working days). A loan applicant who’s Letter of Approval is outside of the Qualifying Period is not eligible to avail of the 2% Cash Back”Permanent TSB 08/01/2016
If the Letters of Approval are within the correct criteria for the Cash Back but are amended outside of the closing date, they too will be eligible.
It is not a necessity to have the issuing of the loan cheque before the expiration date of the offer. However, it must be issued within 6 months of the Letter unless there is an agreed extension which should be then issued within 12 months of first approval.
*If the loan amount has been returned or the mortgage has been paid off within 5 years, the home owner must return the 2% Cash Back offer to Permanent TSB.

If you are qualified and interested in seeking a mortgage with Permanent TSB within the dates of Jan 11th 2016 to the 30th June 2016, please get in contact with any of our Qualified Financial Advisors in MC Financial for further details and T&C. You can contact MC Financial via phone 01-8228022 or email
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