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Whether you are purchasing your first home or simply looking for something new, our expert mortgage advisers are on hand to offer impartial advice.

At MC Financial, we have access to the most effective and budget-friendly life insurance and critical illness protection policies on the market.

Injury cover will help whether you're injured at Work or Play, you will be entitled up to €3,000 broken bones payment plus €300 per week for 52 weeks.

If you're looking for mortgage advice or need help finding the right protection policy, please contact one of our experienced financial advisers today.


Our Mission Statement is simple, to provide our clients with the best possible advice and solutions to their mortgage financing needs. Our Goal: To be recognised as the leading and most reputable mortgage brokerage company in our marketplace. We like to believe that by providing home ownership opportunities to people in our area we are making a positive impact in our community.


41 five star reviews on Google

"Michael Curtin is a dedicated and very skilled adviser I have ever met. I got support from him right way. He is not only a good adviser but also an active financial plan maker."

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41 five star reviews on Google

"He [Michael] made sure that I got the best rate available on the market. I would recommend Michael and MC Financial to anyone applying for a mortgage."

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