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AIB, EBS and Haven reduce mortgage interest rates

Good News for AIB Mortgage Customers

There is some good news for some mortgage holders this week with AIB, EBS and Haven all announcing that they are to reduce their variable rates for new and existing customers from 1st December 2014. The announcement includes a reduction of 0.25% for Standard Variable Rate (SVR) customers and the introduction of new lower Loan to Value (LTV) and fixed rates across AIB, EBS and Haven.

AIB Group said that the move will benefit 146,000 existing mortgage holders; for example a customer with a €200,000 mortgage will save up to €334 per annum, based on a 25 year term.

AIB Group is also introducing new market-leading fixed mortgage rates across all three brands. These include 3.80% in respect of its three year fixed rate and 3.90% for its five year fixed-rate mortgages.

New and existing customers will benefit from reduced pricing across all LTV variable rates. AIB and Haven are cutting all LTV mortgage rates by 0.24%, while EBS is reducing all its LTV rates by 0.25%. AIB and Haven customers with an LTV of 50% or less will see their interest rate drop to 3.85%, while EBS customers will see it fall to 3.80%.

What will this mean for AIB, Haven and EBS Customers?

Impact of reduction on AIB, EBS and Haven SVR customer per 100K mortgage
 20 yrs25 yrs30 yrs35 yrs
Monthly Difference€13.24€13.91€14.54€15.15
(Monthly repayments sum over term of the mortgage)

Summary of variable changes announced:

Owner OccupierCurrentNewReductionCurrentNewReductionCurrentNewReduction
Standard Variable Rate4.40%4.15%0.25%4.60%4.35%0.25%4.58%4.33%0.25%
LTV Variable:   
LTV <=50%4.09%3.85%0.24%4.09%3.85%0.24%4.05%3.80%0.25%
LTV >80%4.49%4.25%0.24%4.49%4.25%0.24%4.45%4.20%0.25%


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Warning: If you do not keep up your repayments, you may lose your home.

Warning: You may have to pay charges if you pay off a fixed rate loan early.

Warning: The cost of your monthly repayments may increase

Warning: The entire amount that you have borrowed will still be outstanding at the end of the interest only period.

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